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How to Earn the Purple Daisy Petal-Respect Myself and Others

As a parent, teacher and Girl Scout leader, I constantly find myself at odds with what I see in children's media today. Although shows aimed at preschoolers have plenty to offer in regard to respecting others, once children reach the Disney Channel/ Teen Nick stage, it all goes downhill. The banter between children and adults is oftentimes not acceptable, in my opinion.  I could not imagine ever speaking to either of my parents like they do and still be alive today to type about it!

how to earn the purple Daisy petal lesson plan
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As leaders, we have no control over what our girls watch, but when they are with us, we are responsible for how they act with each other.

Your girls may be together for many years.  As Daisies, you are setting the groundwork on what kinds of behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable. You cannot be wishy-washy on this, or else you will be in for many problems.

To earn the purple Daisy petal, you can read any one of a number of children's books to launch the meeting.  A classic tale is this one, Chrysanthemum.

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Chrysanthemum loves her name until she gets to school and the children tease her about it.

Once you are done reading the story, this activity is one that ties in nicely and one that I did with my Junior troop.



White computer paper

Have each girl write her name on the paper in marker any way she wants. Bubble letter, block letters, in different colors-it does not matter. When they are all done, have them crumple up the paper and gently throw them at each other like a snowball fight.

Then have the girls pick up one paper (not theirs) and try to smooth out the wrinkles.  Of course, they cannot. It is the same with words, you cannot unsay what you have said, and if you say something disrespectful, you cannot take it back.

If you have time, ask the girls some nice things to say about each other or ways to compliment someone.

How have you earned the purple Daisy petal?

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