Monday, April 24, 2017

Earn the Light Green Daisy Petal With Easy Mother's Day Craft Kits for Daisy Girl Scouts

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Spring is in the air and after a very busy cookie season, you may be feeling just a bit of relief that there are only a handful of meetings left until summer break (unless of course, you meet over the summer). There is no need to feel guilty...I have always treasured my summer breaks from Girl Scout to recharge my batteries and maintain my enthusiasm for leadership.

In May it is Mother's Day, and this is a great opportunity to have an easy meeting and earn the light green Daisy petal, Considerate and Caring. This meeting is easy because you are going to use Mother's Day craft kits that are ready to use. This is a solid use of cookie money since you put so much time and effort into the sales.

*Special note-If you plan on doing any of the picture frame crafts, take a picture of each girl at the meeting before you do this so that you are ready to put it in the frame and it is good to go.

Starting the Meeting

After the Pledge, Promise and Law recitations, have the girls sit down in a circle and ask them. what their mothers do for them. Since Mother's Day is around the corner, they are going to make them a special gifts to show that they are being considerate and caring.

There are some wonderful Mother's Day books for you to read to launch the meeting. Here are just a few.

Earn the Light Green Daisy petal, Considerate and Caring, by reading this book and doing a Mother's Day craft.

This classic book can be read at meeting where you earn the light green Daisy petal and do an easy Mother's Day craft.

This is a humorous book to read to your girls to help them earn the light green Daisy petal and then make a Mother's Day craft.

Once the book is finished, you can have the girls sit at tables and make one of these Mother's Day crafts.

Mother's Day picture frame craft

This Flower and Butterfly Suncatcher Photo Frame craft kit comes with 12 frames, hangers, stain and brushes. The frame measures 5" x 6-3/4" frames and the photo opening is 2-3/4" " x 1-3/4".

Happiness Wood Trivet Craft Kit for Mother's Day craft

Happiness Wood Trivet Craft Kit for Mother's Day craft

This Happiness Wood Trivet Craft Kit comes with twelve ready to paint wooden trivets. The final product measures 4" x 4". Be sure to have the girls paint them on foam plates so they can be brought home without moving them.

Make your own mug Mother's Day craft

Design your own mug is a classic Mother's Day gift. This kit comes with strips of paper for the girls to decorate and then insert into the mug. You can use a pretty heart cellophane bag and fill it with some mints or chocolates to make it extra sweet.

Magic Color Scratch Photo Frame Magnets are an easy craft and can help your girls earn the light green Daisy petal for Mother's Day

This Magic Color Scratch Photo Frame Kit comes with twelve different designs and a magnetic strip to peel and stick on the back. There are even Magic Scratch bookmarks to make as well.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Key Chain Party Pack Activity Kit makes 6

This Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Key Chain Party Pack Activity Kit has six keychains for the girls to create.

What are you doing for Mother's Day with your Daisy troop?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Free Printable Daisy to Brownie Bridging Certificates

For those of you who are planning your Daisy to Brownie Girl Scout bridging ceremony, you may be considering giving the girls something as they cross over the "bridge". Many leaders like to give girls some kind of certificate, which makes the event look so much more grown up and official.

Free Printable Daisy to Brownie Bridging Certificates

Photo from Pixabay

There are several free online Daisy to Brownie Girl Scout bridging certificates that you can print. If you do not want to waste your own ink, print one original and then take it to your local Staples or other print shop to have them done on more sturdy paper. Save the receipt to get reimbursed for your expense.

You can find free printable Daisy to Brownie bridging certificates at these websites.

Free Printable Certificates

Service Unit 701 Files

Girl Scout Printables

Mighty Girls Rock (must join her Facebook group to print)

My Fashionable Designs

Rock United Girl Scouts

Monday, April 3, 2017

Fun Spring Girl Scout Leader Uniforms

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Happy Spring everyone! I am always so excited for this time of year, as I am sure many of you are like me and are sick and tired of cold and snow. I am a preschool teacher, and keeping the kids inside for a good part of the winter makes all of us a bit needy for sunshine. Even if the thermometer has not risen much above freezing, I know that in a a few short weeks that will change. I will be trading in my sweaters and long sleeve shirts for short sleeves!

Many leaders like to wear some kind of uniform to indicate that they are a leader. Here are some comfortable tee shirts that you can pair with jeans or khakis that lets the girls and anyone else who sees it that you are a Girl Scout leader. Easy dressing for meetings and outings!

Girl Scout leader tee shirt is perfect for meetings and outings.

This Girl Scout leader tee shirt comes in all sizes and is available in five colors.

Girl Scout leader tee shirt that tells the world exactly what you do.

Do you wear something special to your Girl Scout meetings and on your outings?