Friday, August 5, 2016

Resources for Brand New Daisy Leaders

You signed up to lead a Daisy Girl Scout troop-congratulations! It felt exciting as you made the decision and went through the training, and now as the school year begins and your first meeting is looming on the horizon, you may be feeling a sense of panic.

I am here to tell you to relax! I was once in your shoes, as was every other leader of a Daisy troop. will be fine. Remember that your audience is a group of kindergarten or first grade girls, and they are fairly easy to please.

Below are a list of resources for you to use, with links provided.

Resources for brand new Daisy Girl Scout leaders. Get started on the right foot!

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Your First Daisy Girl Scout Meeting

Although it feels like a million years ago (my Cadette troop is entering eighth grade now!), this is what we did for our very first meeting. The parents were there as I set the tone for what my expectations were for the troop. It was a learning experience for us all, and I am proud to say that of the six girls who were there, three are still a part of the troop!

4 Steps to Successful Meetings

This article highlights four things for you to do to ensure that your Daisy meetings go smoothly.

New Daisy Girl Scout Leader Checklist

In this blog post, I have listed all of the things you need to think about before you have your first meeting. Don't play this by helps to parents and you stay on the same page when it comes to various policies.

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Frequently Asked Question that New Leaders Need to Have Answered

When you start your troop, you are going to have lots of questions. While some answers are different depending on the Council you are in, here are 7 questions that are on the minds of most new leaders. You can read them and the answers in this blog post.

Establishing a Good Relationship With Your Co-leader

The most important relationship you have during your time with Girl Scouts, besides the one you have with the girls, is with your co-leader. It is important to delegate tasks so you are not doing everything. And I will emphasize to put whatever you decide to do in writing. Memory is fleeting, and whatever you have in writing in a time stamped email after your meet with your partner will leave no denying what was promised. Take this tidbit from my own personal experience.

This blog post will help you navigate this new relationship.

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10 Things You Need to Know to Have a Successful Troop

This article shares what you need to do to have a successful troop that will hopefully stay together for a long time!

Your First 8 Daisy Meetings All Planned for You

This blog post plans out your first eight Daisy Girl Scout meetings. Except for earning the Blue Promise Center, there is no special order for you to earn petals. Use this as a guide, as well as my other blog post outlining your second 8 meetings for winter and spring.

As I begin my ninth year as a Girl Scout leader, I am so happy that I began this volunteer role all those years ago. It has been a fulfilling experience, and as you embark on your journey, take a deep breath and don't forget to enjoy yourself!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! I am a new Daisy leader and am feeling a little overwhelmed--and we haven't even had our first meeting! You have lots of great ideas here, so I'm sure I'll be visiting your blog often over the next year!

    1. Nina, it is my pleasure. You may also want to check out for other ideas. Thank you for stopping by!