Thursday, January 7, 2016

On a Budget? Use Paint Chips to Earn the Green Daisy Petal Use Resources Wisely

As a Daisy leader, you have a limited budget for badges, patches and craft supplies, especially if you are in your first year. You want the girls be actively engaged during your meetings with amazing crafts and projects, but buying lots of craft materials at the store is not possible.

Paint Chip craft ideas for Girl Scouts-earn Daisy petals and badges with these amazing ideas from crafty mamas.

A free item that you can use to make a multitude of crafts are paint chips-those long strips of color you find in the paint department at the hardware store. I used these to make a turkey for Thanksgiving with my preschool class. Because I needed a large quantity-72 in assorted rainbow colors-I asked the sales person on the floor if it was okay to take that many. He told me that the first 10 for each color were free, but had to charge 5 cents each for any additional chips. That was more than fair, as I got the first 60 for free!

I have created a Pinterest Pinboard for leaders to use to think of ideas to use with your troop. There are some very simple things that you can do-like make a bookmark with red strips for Valentine's Day or make bridging invitations!

Enjoy these crafty and budget friendly ideas!

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