Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When Should You Hand Petals and Badges? Resources for Court of Awards Ceremonies

It always feels like a sense of accomplishment when a meeting goes well and everyone earns her Daisy petal.

But when do you hand out the awards the girls earn?

When I was a Daisy leader, I told each parent which petal we would be earning and to have her iron it on before the next time we met. At that time, I had never heard of a Court of Awards, or else I would have had one!

When to Hand out Daisy Petals
Photo by Hannah Gold. All rights reserved.
Young children need to be rewarded for their work...the sooner the better. Imagine potty training a child and waiting a month to give them the reward! How about taking a test in school and waiting a month to get the results? That would not work, either.

Even as an adult, it is more gratifying to get paid each week as opposed to once a month.

The Girl Scouts do have a Court of Awards ceremony that you can hold. (Here is a link from the GSA that tells you what this is and things to consider when creating one.)

You may want to do this a few times a year or not at all at this age, since you already have so much to do as a new Daisy leader! Older girls can wait a few weeks between badges, but not too long. It gives the girls a sense of pride and accomplishment to have their petals and badges on their vest and tunic. If they attend a Council sponsored event, they will want to show others what they have done so far in scouting, especially the other Daisy Scouts in attendance!

Here are some links for you to use for your own ceremony:

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois (lots of ceremonies in this document-you should bookmark this one!

Tripod-Lots of Ceremonies-scroll down about 3/4 of the way to find the Court of Awards

Scouting Web has lots of ceremonies as well

Here is a Court of Awards Ceremony with older girls. It will give you an idea of what to do an adapt it for younger girls.

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