Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When Should You Hand Out Daisy Petals?

Being a Daisy is a unique experience from being an older scout because instead of earning badges, you earn Daisy petals. An age old question is when to hand out the petals to the girls and how do you do this?

When my girls were Daisy Scouts, I went to the Girl Scout store an bought everyone their own petal pack and sent it home.  As we earned each petal, I emailed the moms to iron them on.  That worked for me because I did not want to be responsible for anyone's petal's but my daughter's. 

As the girls earned badges, I sent them home in an envelope at school since all but one of my girls attended it.  Each one of my twins was responsible for handing it out to the girls.  It was never a problem and for six years, it was done this way.

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I have read that some leaders iron on badges and petals at the meeting while another safety pinned it onto each girl at the meeting. While both are very workable solutions, it gives the leader one more thing to do, and personally, I have enough on my plate.  It also takes the responsibility off of the shoulders of the parents, and honestly, that is where it belongs. If a child is missing it you can feel badly, but it is not YOUR responsibility to make sure it is ironed on.

While you cannot predict the future, if you are a Daisy leader now, you may be in this for many years.  How you run things now will determine how they are run in the future. If things are "always done this way" the parents know your expectations from the start.  If you do everything for them now, what makes you think that as the girls get older and lives get busier that they will not give you a hard time for changing the rules on them?

Of course, you are allowed to do what you need to do as you are the leader, but having dealt with parents in my professional life since 1987, you want to be a preemptive as possible. Change throws people, even small changes.

Another issue that leaders face is parents losing petals.  Who is responsible for replacing them?

The parents are.

Parents can buy lost petals on eBay for a dollar plus shipping.  You did your bought them.  They have to pony up the dough if they lose them.

While there is no wrong way to hand out Daisy petals, you should always do what is easiest for you.

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