Monday, January 6, 2014

Games for Daisy Scouts

As an early childhood educator, I can tell you from my twenty-six years of experience that children love to play games.  It is a great learning tool and another way for the girls to bond in their first year as a Girl Scout.

Games are a terrific time filler and are a positive way to end a meeting. When I was a classroom teacher, I always ended the day with a fun game that was also meant to teach. Just as managing my classroom was important so that early finishers could be enriched and not bored, it is equally important to manage your Daisy meetings so that no one gets into trouble because they have nothing to do. Because every girl works at her own pace, and younger girls need extra help with what you have planned, you may find yourself with extra time. Use it to your advantage.

How is a game useful?  If there are pokey girls, they may hurry up so they can play.  They also keep active girls on task.  Your co-leader or you can lead an activity while the others are finishing up. My own troop, who are now Juniors, love to play certain games at the end of a meeting.  As they have gotten older, we have been able to do different kinds of games. They can also lead them now, as they know the rules.

Also, it is in your best interest to overplan your meeting, as having too much to do is better than having ten extra minutes with nothing to do. Games help fill in that gap.

games for Daisy Girl Scouts
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Daisy Girl Scout leaders should have a bunch of games ready to go so that meetings end on a positive note.

If the weather is nice, all kinds of relay races could be played. 

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Do you have any Daisy Girl Scout games to share?

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